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Sanitizing & Disinfection Services

Professional sanitizing and disinfection services with a touch of heaven. We provide commercial sanitizing and disinfection of office buildings, medical facilities, educational institutions, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Professional Cleaning & Disinfections Service For Residential & Commercial Facilities

We provide professional disinfecting services, with a Touch of Heaven.

TOH Services is committed to disinfect and sanitize our clients’ facilities to the highest degree. We can disinfect your facilities by using EPA approved disinfectants and hospital grade sanitizing agents that kill 99.9% of bacteria.

Our disinfection service professionals are trained and certified

Our staff are truly trained professionals with a servant’s heart. We promote a healthy lifestyle through efficient and effective cleaning.

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TOH Services – cleaning and disinfecting professional at work

COVID-19 Disinfectant Cleaning Services

Our disinfection service is aligned with The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines on combating the spread of harmful pathogens. The disinfection service addresses the current challenges with an antimicrobial protection solution that helps eliminate harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, including covid. We use EPA approved disinfectants – a green product that is safe for people and the environment.With our electrostatic sprayer, the disinfectant is applied uniformly across all easy and hard-to-reach surfaces, and leaves your facilities 99.9% clean and safe.

99.9% Effective

EPA approved disinfectants that prevent growth of bacteria and viruses via electrostatic spraying.

Very Low Dwell Time

Our disinfectant is non-corrosive, and poses no risk to humans or sensitive electronics.

Trained & Certified

TOH Services are BSCAI trained and certified and experts in the handling of disinfectant equipment.

Green & Safe

All our disinfectants are EPA approved, and all water-based, green, odorless, and colorless,

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Resume Normal Operation With Our Professional Disinfecting Service

The fastest response time for disinfectant cleaning services

Disinfection helps provide the health and safety for your customers and employees, so you can get back to business as usual while stopping the spread of disease.

Get professional help within hours. We offer the fastest response time in our industry, with TOH Services’ commercial disinfection solution.

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We Disinfect A Variety Of Facilities

We offer a wide variety of disinfecting facilities, ranging from apartment facilities to manufacturing complexes. We use 2 methods for disinfecting, Electrostatic Spraying, and Backpack Pumps.

Electrostatic Disinfection: The recommended method to help disinfect an area by giving an electric charge to the liquid to coat a surface quickly and evenly. This method can service larger business areas. Required for offices and medical facilities due to the multitude of touch points.

Backpack Pumps: The recommended method for disinfecting office cubicles and rooms. Pumps allow our professionals to control the spraying in smaller areas and for more attentive needs. Used only with medical grade chemicals.

Disinfection guidelines

We Follow CDC Guidelines Of Cleaning Before Disinfection

The request from the CDC encourages cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting high touch point surfaces frequently. High touch points include but are not limited to, counters, tables, doorknobs, keyboards and phones, tabletops, light switches, and bathrooms.

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We will help you with both preventive disinfection services, and resume normal operation after a confirmed or suspected covid case. Give us a call or schedule a cleaning and disinfection service now.

FAQ – Commercial Disinfectant Services

What is the difference between sanitization and disinfecting?

Sanitization (cleaning) refers to the removal of dirt including germs from surfaces. Cleaning helps to limit the spread of germs and bacteria but does not kill the bacteria. Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces. Disinfecting uses EPA approved chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. The approved chemicals kill 99.9% of germs, which reduces the spreading infections drastically.

What is the meaning of disinfection services?

Disinfecting a surface means that chemicals are being used to kill germs. Disinfecting is not the same as removing dirt and germs from the surface, but by killing the microbes, the spread of harmful pathogens is reduced by up to 99.9%.

Why should surfaces be cleaned before disinfected?

The request from the CDC encourages the cleaning of high touch point surfaces frequently. Cleaning and sanitizing will remove dirt and germs, and increase the effectiveness of disinfection. High touch points include but are not limited to, counters, tables, doorknobs, keyboards and phones, tabletops, light switches, and bathrooms.

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