Medical Office Cleaning Services

We provide quality medical office cleaning services and medical facility cleaning services, with a TOHch of Heaven.

Experts In Medical Office Cleaning

We provide specialized medical janitorial services for medical facilities and medical offices.

Our customers include dentists, physicians, laboratories, care providers, and a wide range of specialized clinics.

TOH Services’ team of specialized medical cleaning professionals are trained in medical office cleaning and follow our cleaning standards to comply with the OSHA 3187-09R (2003) standard for medical offices.

The value we provide your medical facility is:

  • Infection prevention
  • Patient environment improvement
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Risk reduction
  • Compliance of medical facility cleaning standards
  • Ease of communication
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medical office cleaning and disinfection

The Highest Standards In Medical Facility Cleaning

We provide medical offices with solid knowledge of aseptic cleaning and cleaning procedures to prevent cross contamination, as well as:

  • Infection prevention
  • Patient environment improvement
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Risk reduction
  • Compliance of medical facility cleaning standards

We use OSHA certified procedures to sterilize your facility and use a top of line Electrostatic Disinfectant System that delivers hospital-grade disinfectant to your facility. Not only does this system eliminate germs on contact, but it is also safe for your staff, patients, and the environment. We will make sure that every disinfecting cleaning service to you is delivered with health in mind.

TOH Services helps you stay current on cleaning and disinfection guidelines as provided by:

  • EPA
  • OSHA
  • CDC

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Medical Facilities We Serve

We help ensure a healthy environment for patients and staff with the highest quality of cleaning practices and attention to detail.

Amongst other medical facilities, we serve:

  • Clinical laboratories
  • Office-based surgery centers
  • Dental facilities
  • Medical offices
  • Physician offices
  • Terminal Cleaning
  • Walk-in medical centers
  • Ambulatory care providers
  • Outpatient surgery facilities
  • Blood transfusion and donor centers
  • Urgent care facilities
Medical Office Cleaning
Team of professional medical facility cleaners

Our Medical Cleaning Professionals

Our team of professional commercial cleaners have both training and a solid knowledge of aseptic cleaning.

From disinfectants and detergents, to charge buckets and broad spectrum cleaners, we use only top quality, hospital grade cleaning solutions.

We understand the differences between sterile, contamination-free and clean. Our medical office cleaning system includes a strict system of changing cleaning agents and cleaning equipment between areas to prevent cross contamination, and we only use hospital grade cleaning solutions.

Sanitizing & Disinfection Service

Our team of professional medical office cleaners are trained in disinfection, the correct use of electrostatic sprayers, and disinfectants.

We strictly follow CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfection process, and CDC environmental cleaning procedures, to provide the health and safety that you expect from a medical facilities cleaning company.

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Medical office cleaning and quality control system

System For Cleaning & Quality Control

TOH Services’ medical office cleaning system helps us ensure that we follow our specialized medical office cleaning procedures, line for line, and prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

Your customized and digital cleaning plan provides the basis for cleaning AND quality control. The digital cleaning system helps us align our cleaning quality with OSHA, HIPPA, and CDC standards, to ensure the health and safety of your staff and patients.

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